“Join the fire of peace”

Welcome Letter

Distinguished participants,

After an eventful 2 years, we are back and we are excited to invite all of you to the 6th edition of SOBILMUN.

As the world, we have lost countless significant key points of our lives because of the pandemic. Our excitement snuffed, our joy disintegrated and our hope, lost. The darkness in these moments clouded us all, even the brightest person. Thankfully we have overcame the situation and once again are trying to live our lives to the fullest.

This virus has affected many students, nipping their way to socialize and improve themselves, in the bud. Our freedom was taken from us. We want to once again emphasize that those chains which held us captive will and has been broken. Once again free, we are returning with all the excitement and passion that has been saved up inside of all of us. We hope to cultivate the same passion in your hearts.

We are honored to host twelve distinct committees which are carefully crafted by our academic team, considering the minutest detail, taking into consideration key topics from all around the world and threading them into our committees. We all want to prepare an unforgettable experience for everyone participating, therefore creating the best possible debate environment is extremely important. 

Our fire of peace still continues to burn within all of our past participants. Our aim is to light it once again in many more hearts.


Aras Köseoğlu & Agâh Yusuf Zal

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