Council of the European Union

Council of the

European Union

Agenda Item

  • Sustainability of the European Energy Export and Import


The Council of The European Union hereby referred as the Council, is an institution that has been established in 1968 and it acts as the sole spokesmodel of the EU member governments. The main goal of the Council of the European Union, is to develop EU’s policies regarding security and foreign affairs while adopting EU laws in cooperation with members. Therewithal, it is liable for the agreements between EU members, other countries and International organizations. The Council is constituted by the ministers of the EU countries where each acts as the representative for the decision making process. The unprecedented energy crisis in Europe has originated due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The Russian Federation adopted a courses of action to cut off the supply of gas, regarding industrial processes and power as a response to the sanctions imposed by Europe. In SOBILMUN’23, The Council will be discussing the ongoing energy shortage. The house will aim to resolve the current energ crisis in Europe and form the outlet for the sustainability of the European energy.

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