Agenda Items

  • The Usage of Nuclear Energy on an International Basis
  • Replacement and Increase of the Alternative Food Resources


The Economic and Social Council “ECOSOC”, under the overall authority of the General Assembly, coordinates the economic and social work of the United Nations and the UN family of organizations. As the central forum for discussing international economic and social issues and for formulating policy recommendations, the Council plays a key role in fostering international cooperation for development. For SOBILMUN’23, since the committee’s aim is to be international, the items of the nuclear energy and the details of the alternative food resources will be covered from a global perspective. For the first topic, the statistics and the international laws related to the issue will be analyzed. Also, the worldwide relations between countries as well as the pros and cons of the use of nuclear energy will be discussed during the committee. For the second item, the delegates will touch upon the replacement and increasing of the alternative food resources considering the points such as the needs of the World, solutions to the global food crisis, and the possible scenarios for the future. Overall, the discussion will follow a genuinely pleasing path throughout SOBILMUN’23!

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