Agenda Items

  • Water Dispute of the Nile River
  • Deescalating the Civil War in Libya and Possible Peace Resolutions


SPECPOL, the Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, is tasked with a wide range of political issues focused around decolonization, peacekeeping efforts, and peaceful uses of outer space. For SOBILMUN’23, the delegates are going to discuss upon the water dispute of the Nile River and the situation of the civil war in Libya as well as the possible peace resolutions. The topics will be covered from a variety of angles in order to understand the items. For the item of the Nile River, the debate will involve many elements; countries, their current policies, possible scenarios and reactions depending to the location of the dam, etc. In terms of the second item, which is the civil war in Libya, the delegates need to analyse the issue widely. The discussion should touch upon the background of the war, current strategies, the reasons behind the conflict, the opposite wave lengths, etc. The committee SPECPOL will discuss these points through SOBILMUN’23 which will be truly enjoyable!

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